Welcome to Pay Wink Ltd.

Pay Wink Ltd. is registered with the FCA and HMRC and is currently assessing DeFi use cases.

Only the tech-savvy can find their way around using MetaMask to cleverly allocate funds. Our goal is to bring together traditional finance, DeFi, and offer simple solutions. This will help make DeFi consumer friendly.

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Bridging Traditional Finance with DeFi

The Future of Finance is an Integrated System

Coexistence of DeFi and CeFi

Pay Wink Ltd.

Pay Wink Ltd.’s goal is to allow the masses safe and regulated access to DeFi, and connect DeFi with mainstream banking.


Pay Wink Ltd. is registered with the FCA and HMRC, and is currently assessing DeFi use cases:

Deployment of tokens on ERC-20 / BEP-20 / Polygon - stablecoins in global payment networks and the future of international payments

NFT Platform: a solution for asset tokenization and a method to record transactions on a decentralized ledger

DeFi platform and a bridge to traditional finance (CeFi): payments, trading securities and insurance, lending and borrowing, are already happening with DeFi.
We have build prototype platforms to try to understand how to bridge DeFi and CeFi.

Real-world use cases for decentralized applications:

The purpose of these lotteries is to assess the use cases. The lotteries are fully functional, but are not currently running.

Our products will be designed to:


Allow simple integration of traditional and decentralized finance


Remain complaint with multi-jurisdictional regulations


Connect global markets to build a cross-border financial infrastructure